Autism Network Scotland Reports and Research

This page will highlight reports and research conducted by ANS or to which we were a contributing partner

Autism and Ageing Well Pilot  - Executive summary (April 2021)


In 2018 the Scottish Government refreshed outcomes document highlighted that more needed to be learned about the impact of ageing on autistic people. Autism Network Scotland produced an exploratory report in 2019, based upon engagement with older autistic people, their family members, and people who support them. The findings from this formed the basis of the pilot which ran from October 2020 to March 2021. To read the executive summary of the pilot, click here.  A  full report will be available in due course.


Accessible Pilot Summary

In the video below, the Pilot team members discuss the findings of the Autism and Ageing Well Pilot. 



As part of the ANS project on autism and ageing, we feel it’s important to get the perspectives of parents and carers who may be supporting older autistic adults in many different ways.  We are delighted to have been joined by Cath and Susan from Pasda.  In this video Cath and Susan share their own thoughts and feelings about autism and ageing, based on their own personal experiences and their experiences with Pasda.  Please note that they have received permission from any individuals who they mention in this video.