Different Perspectives

Social commentaries from autistic voices

This page includes contributions from autistic people across Scotland who are not regular contributors to other platforms or groups.

Support is given to construct and edit the opinion piece whilst conserving its integrity and the author’s voice. A fee is paid by ANS to the authors of each opinion piece.


31st July 2021

Positive Wellbeing - The key to success in sport and life

By Neil Barbour


15th July 2021

Autism in film and media: Time for Equity?

By Neil Barbour


30th June 2021

Autism and Employment: "An Opportunity for blue-sky thinking?"

By Neil Barbour


16th June 2021

The Autism Commissioner: A win for Autistic Rights or a Tool for Blame Avoidance

By Neil Barbour


30th May 2021         


Political Inclusion: A Step forward or just more virtue signalling?

By Neil Barbour


15th May 2021                                                                  

Tolerance: A core value or a social construct?

By Neil Barbour